Philharmonic Phringe Festival

Welcome to "The Phringe!" The "fringe"...that is! Out "on the edge" of classical music are new pieces waiting for addition to the list of what is considered standard literature-- the masterworks, if you will. Yet, it may take some time for a newer piece to find its way into the mainstream of orchestral music to be fully appreciated. Newer music needs to have multiple performances in front of many audiences to find its way in, from the "Phringe," which is what why we are playing them!

Throughout our concert season, you'll note a new work on almost every Phil program, a work on the "Phringe." But our unique approach to the new work will be to use the "topic" of each concert to relate the new work to the others and then to celebrate their differences and similarities. Finally, any new music presented helps us exercise our ears and our responsibility as musicians and audiences to be a part of the organic development of symphonic music. So... Welcome to the "Phringe!"

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